Welcome to Flava Puff

Welcome to Flava Puff, where our motto is “Nothing to Hide.” Why is that? Because we give you exactly what you’ve always wanted; quality products that don’t break the bank! Flava Puff offers a wide variety of snacks to suit your everyday needs. Parties, school events, mid-day snacking, family movie night or going to the beach, Flava Puff has the right snack for the right occasion, we even do fundraising!

Our products are 100% guaranteed fresh the minute you open it up. We offer a variety of snacks in bags and barrels to keep your products fresh to the end.

Flava Puff products are consistent in taste so you know each time you open up a bag, or barrel, you’ll get the same great taste each time.

You can also choose Flava Puff for your next fundraising event. We take great pride in taking all the hard work out, so you can focus on making money for your cause. If you are interested in private labeling or distributors information, please contact us at (888) 300-0024.