We have a variety of snacks to meet your everyday needs from sweet to salty, cheesy to spicy, Flava Puff has it all! Whether you are looking for the traditional style bag or barrels, our products are guaranteed fresh.

Our Flava Puff brand portfolio includes a wide variety of cheese puffs, cheese balls, onion rings, and cotton candy. Flava Puff products come in a single serving size to jumbo family size and everything in between. Flava Puff products are a great addition to your next snack attack or snack party.


Flava Puff Butter Popcorn

Butter Popcorn

Never soggy, always rich with a butter taste, Butter Popcorn will be the hit on movie night. Never pay the fees for movie popcorn again, and forget the kernels that never pop in store-bought popcorn, Flava Puff will feed the snack monster inside of you. Available in 2 oz bag, 6 oz bag and 16 oz bag.


Flava Puff White Cheddar Cheese flavored popcorn

White Cheddar Cheese Flavored Popcorn

For the cheese lovers in the world, our white cheddar cheese popcorn will quickly become your not-so-guilty pleasure. We combine the best of both flavors for your snacking pleasure. What’s even better, you can enjoy the cheesiness in a 2 oz bag, 5 oz bag or an 11 oz barrel.


Flava Puff Caramel Flavored Popcorn

Orange Cheddar Popcorn

Orange and cheddar never tasted so good, enjoy this delicious blend of flavors.



Cheese Flavored Snacks

Flava Puff Cheese Balls in 6oz bag

Cheese Balls

If you love cheese, you’ll love our Cheese Balls. The perfect mix of cheddar and crunch, our flavorful cheese balls come in a variety of sizes: 2.25 oz bag, 6 oz bag, 14 oz bag, 7 oz bucket and 18 oz barrel.


Flava Puff cheese puffs, 5oz bucket

Cheese Puffs

Flava Puff’s cheese puffs are the cheesiest and puffiest of all the brands. Never stale or soft, these puffs can be enjoyed in a 2.25 oz bag, 6 oz bag, 14 oz bag, and 12 oz barrel.


Flava Puff Hot Cheese Puffs

Hot Cheese Puffs

Barbecue lovers will love our hot cheese puffs! Don’t let the name fool you, less hot and more barbecue, these fun additions to our cheese snack line can be enjoyed by everyone in our 12 oz barrel.


Cotton Candy 

Flava Puff cotton candyFlava Puff stands out as the Cadillac of cotton candy because of its’ superior texture, taste, flavors, and packaging! We welcome you to compare our taste with our competitors and you will clearly see the difference. With our air- tight containers, you no longer have to open it and eat it in minutes before it melts away. Available in 2.5 oz and 6 oz buckets.

Onion Rings 

Flava Puff Onion Rings Always craving onion rings, but never at a restaurant? Well no problem! Our onion rings are unlike others, with a real onion taste and crunch. But we can’t promise we won’t still give you onion breath! Available in a 5 oz bag.


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